Witness series-2014


Performance in Maria Luisa Park October 2014


When I think about my existence in space, I have the feeling that we are just witnessing our body in time. For me nothing dies or is born, it just appears for a while. It is a transformation of energy. And we are a witness.

b ajaysharma_witness-2014

Death is the absence of life. Through this performance I try to come to terms with the enigma of life and time, the presence and absence of the body, a form disappears, both images represent this duality.

At a time when we are exploring the idea of an expanding universe, the big bang theory, the black hole mystery that represents absence. This mystery in my imagination represents death. In the performance both figures are connected in that they are an imprint of death,, the white cloth covering the body represents death in Hinduism and the outline of a body filled with seed that slow disappears, absence. Both exist and at the same time do not exist. The act of the pigeons eating the seeds is a metaphor

Performance in Maria Luisa Park October 2014 Witness series




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