The Whole Land Shall be a desolation By #futurecollaborations

Idea and  development process of Collaborative Performance  and Video Installation For “The Whole Land  Shall be a desolation by #futurecollaborations

On going project by  #futurecollaborationsfotor_147523602713690

Initiator of #futurecollaboations  Premjish Acharya

Idea of collective Performance -The Body ,state and politics and the conflict of race, caste  and National identity .

Hence, we choose the Abandon Building which is raze  by Delhi MCD and police. That is an conflict zone . Therefore people had tension of safety In Between body  and  Demolished building ,

When i show  that space.It  had notion of different Conflict state of mind . state,country and race issue . what we are going through in india (kashmir ,North-east state and others ) Israel ,Syria ,Iraqe ,Lybia, Even with-in   America .The issue about racial identity of people and killing of black people in U.S .


This  going project by  #futurecollaborations

Concept and idea -B.Ajay Sharma ,

Space and location- B. Ajay Sharma

Idea Develop and constructed by C

Title-The Whole Land Shall be a desolation by Premjish Acharya

Film camera  and by Seema Dahiya

Photography -B. Ajay Sharma

photography Assisted – Kartik,#futurecollaborations

Each Member are design there won performance and move

Aditi Angiras

B. Ajay Sharma

Balagopalan Bala

M R Vishnu Prasad

Murari Jha

Nikita Maheshwary

Premjish Achari

Raj Sahani


Future collaboration is a Idea of Inquiry,

First phase  of idea and discotion between members , Mr. Vishnuprasad , Premjish Acharya Each discussion was  an  Exercise , sometime we just fight and nothing come out from that. But definitely it helped to construct the idea ,    so I called each meeting was representation of performative act for me , as well as building strength and commitment for collective



 Exercise#2 “


Exercise# 3 



Exercise# 4



After searching for new space for performance In front of KHOJ Artist residency building




img-20160902-wa0002Raj Sahani-Scribbling on his Idea and execution





Murari Jha :- Scribbling on his Idea and execution







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The lament of Painted photo

I want to be blind ,

You know,

I love you too,

till core of elctron. 

That UV expose our  larva 

I love .

you know for shake of fuck 

I love to be die with your dissoution dermis. 

I thought we are making someting togather 

that was 

deep void  in my dong 

you know love couldn’t die 

with you 

when you will rise with that darkness 

i will sleep with

that darkness  again

and again ……


The lament of Painted  photo

The idea behind this Cynotype print  try to look at seemingly unimportant and useless things such as darkness and motionlessness while opening a space for self reflection. The smallness of the sound and the peace of darkness and stillness will allow us to rest the mind.

Our whole universe is made of darkness and light, these polar energies make everything that is known to us. We tend to focus on light most of our waking hours but it is in darkness that we can connect to the outer spheres of our surroundings.

Blanckness gives us the possibility to rest the mind and to be able to look again at the world in a new light. During meditation, we force our mind to achieve complete stillness and to exit all images in the eye of our mind, thus facing a blank/dark moment. This installation attempts to immerse the visitor into such an

experience. Darkness gives us the power of imagination where all creative images arise.


Image From Unknown Intallation