Residue Of performative acts 2017

The Project is key to Understanding the Collaboration and collective method of work process.This is on going photo performance and collaborative performance series with diffrent collaborators place and time .

THE COLOUR OF PATIOTIC LAND SCAPE -2MAILThe Colour of Patriotic Landscape 2 , withResonator Norman Oklahoma ,





Resonator studio Oklahoma Norma,USA




 Collaboration  with Resonator Institute

Oklahoma ,Norman ,USA





The solo show with Gallery felix frachon

The collaborative show and project only possible with very strong individuals and collective zeals.

collaboratores –

Sreeraj tr ,Swasthikk korathi,Rizwan basheer,Gokul Balachandran,Ravi Ranjan ,Kartik kumar,Pankaj Bhardwaj ,Shiv Kumar, Arfaaz kagalwala, Anita kumari, Sachin gond, Dastaan culture lab,Ayush Gupta,Alok kumar,Umesh kumar singh ,shivangi singh, Khurshid ahmad chand ,Tara Tamang, Resonator Institute (USA) ,Eric Piper(USA), Jenna Bryan(USA) ,Curtis Jones(USA), Tomo Seto ( India ), Salman Khan , Emma (Barbichetteman ) Paris ,Wenjue Zhang (paris and china ) Marie Greemling (paris) Pia camilla copper (paris)
In this work, I want to share some aspects of the process that I have gone through while interacting with people. It is related to the country where I will perform. The work is a build up on my last works ‘The whole land shall be a desolation”and motherland and other stories. it is a collaborative project done as an extension of Future Collaboration (link is provided here: 

The Whole Land Shall be a desolation By #futurecollaborations

I have used allegorical images to understand the displacement of people from different states and neighboring countries like Tibet, Nepal, Iran, Russia and Bangladesh. In India, main reasons behind displacement are job quest, survival, religion, caste and race.

In India, religion and populism is being used by right wingers to create an Utopian idea of singular national identity in the name of patriotism.As Well when i look at the Politics In USA , it refer to same , How world moving with Neo-Nazism .

This idea of one nation, one race and one religion is being reinforced with different actions, story telling and fashion. Here in India, the way people dress up  confirms their social and regional identity.
Through my lens based performance and collaborative performance , I will represent the mythological and historical symbolic references as a fictional narration of present time (through different acts evident in history of religious icons)

This is about how extremist right political parties are using religious patriotism (Hindutva)/(white skin)  racial and communal issues for their political benefits. Such acts and other such leftover history related to it has helped me in defining the condition and situation of present India in India as well as the world. I have taken the word ”Mara” which means death from an anecdote about the creator of  Indian epic Ramayan where it is described that when Valmiki was thief, he got a message from sky to write about the glorious life of lord Rama, after this message he started chanting ”rama” and in this process he kept chanting the word ”Mara”. After certain time when he realized his mistake, he got enlightened. 

Another reference is from 1991 when RSS/BJP and their allied groups started asserting the concept of ”rama rajya” (and idealist state of the times of Rama) where everyone was happy and ethical. This agenda of such organizations is to make India a Hindutva Nation of one race and religion. They want to bring Ram Rajya again. In the same breathe, they demolished the Babri mosque to build a great temple for Rama (where they think there once existed a temple which Babur demolished in order to build a masjid/mosque). They claimed that it was the place where Ram was born, this demolition led to killings and riots in different regions of India. Therefore, I am using an icon of lord Ram to repereesent past and future aspects of time.

residu of performance-2017-01mail

Now I see the word ‘Rama” as death(like Valmiki once chanted) where there is death of idol, civilization. It now represents a narrow understanding of religion and patriotism.








B_ajay2017-5 copy
Performance Extended Action
in JNU show Trace curated by Sarojini Lewis
Collaborator -Salman Khan , Tomo seto
Place -Freedom square
Photography by -Jyothidaas KV

Performance Extended Action -2

in Les Grands Voisins ,Paris

curated by Pia camilla copper

Collaborator – Marie Greemlins, Wenjue Zhang

Photography by -Barbichette Man
Concept note
Residue of the performative acts
Solo Show -2017



शून्य स्थान(collective performance )2015

Hindi poet Gajanand Madhav Muktibodh his one of longest poem ” Into the Darkness” (Andhere me ) which is his replantation of his time as I feel this poem has representaion of our time a a well .

Where different social political scene is in dark age . Cast ,religion and economic political and social paradoxical situation making it as Hollow Feeing to me , where the poetry  making mark on my mind .

Therefore , my basic  idea of performance is to make cause through the normal action which is I realized as photographer and intermedia artist to understand the situation of opeing how peoples  are active participant of the performanace , so I ask my friends to be a part of this performance where Harish is as a writer poet and thretore artist ,Seema is photographer and Independent filmmaker as well as Ankita is filmmaker to respond the situation and make the action whatever is normal action needed for document the inogratio of a show ,

Hardik and amul is Classical Hindustani musicians there practice is totally different but for me crating the sound bialmbit taal and in the such ecochestic place it making kind of noise .

My part is not present in the performance I am reading poetry from other side of exhibition hall so audience had experience of my voice which is on and off .



My search is about the existence of life and death.I am interrogating the existential question in virtual as well as in the real world.I am using the different tools and mediums of visual art to explore the possibilities of the subject. I have been exploring ‘THE YOGA VASHISTA’ for many years.It’s a kind of description of dialect. It’s representation of being, is supposed to be the mirror of the super consciousness and parallel entity.These philosophical enquiries led me to my space and image explorations.  Even we are exploring the quantum machine, black hole existence and where we are now in this cosmos.Our human existence allows us to find out the point of big bang and the mystery of extreme darkness is still unsolved.

These both paradoxes are very similar to enigma of existence. We don’t know where we are. We are just witness of space in time axis which is called Dwandatmak(enigmatic). This complete situation is the ‘lied paradox’.

My complete series is based on the witness of people and time

Collaboration with WriterK Harish Singh,

filmmaker Seema Dahiya And Ankita Sharma

Clasical Musician –

Tabla- Amul jha

Sitar – Hardik Verma













1)अंधेरे में / भाग 1 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 2 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 3 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 4 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 5 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 6 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 7 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

अंधेरे में / भाग 8 / गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध

ज़िन्दगी के…
कमरों में अँधेरे
लगाता है चक्कर
कोई एक लगातार;
आवाज़ पैरों की देती है सुनाई
वह नहीं दीखता… नहीं ही दीखता,
किन्तु वह रहा घूम
तिलस्मी खोह में ग़िरफ्तार कोई एक,
भीत-पार आती हुई पास से,
गहन रहस्यमय अन्धकार ध्वनि-सा
अस्तित्व जनाता
अनिवार कोई एक,
और मेरे हृदय की धक्-धक्
पूछती है–वह कौन
सुनाई जो देता, पर नहीं देता दिखाई !
इतने में अकस्मात गिरते हैं भीतर से
फूले हुए पलस्तर,
खिरती है चूने-भरी रेत
खिसकती हैं पपड़ियाँ इस तरह–
कोई बड़ा चेहरा बन जाता है,
मुख बन जाता है दिवाल पर,
नुकीली नाक और
भव्य ललाट है,
दृढ़ हनु
कोई अनजानी अन-पहचानी आकृति।
कौन वह दिखाई जो देता, पर
नहीं जाना जाता है !!
कौन मनु ?

बाहर शहर के, पहाड़ी के उस पार, तालाब…
अँधेरा सब ओर,
निस्तब्ध जल,
पर, भीतर से उभरती है सहसा
सलिल के तम-श्याम शीशे में कोई श्वेत आकृति
कुहरीला कोई बड़ा चेहरा फैल जाता है
और मुसकाता है,
पहचान बताता है,
किन्तु, मैं हतप्रभ,
नहीं वह समझ में आता।

अरे ! अरे !!
तालाब के आस-पास अँधेरे में वन-वृक्ष
चमक-चमक उठते हैं हरे-हरे अचानक
वृक्षों के शीशे पर नाच-नाच उठती हैं बिजलियाँ,
शाखाएँ, डालियाँ झूमकर झपटकर
चीख़, एक दूसरे पर पटकती हैं सिर कि अकस्मात्–
वृक्षों के अँधेरे में छिपी हुई किसी एक
तिलस्मी खोह का शिला-द्वार
खुलता है धड़ से
घुसती है लाल-लाल मशाल अजीब-सी
अन्तराल-विवर के तम में
लाल-लाल कुहरा,
कुहरे में, सामने, रक्तालोक-स्नात पुरुष एक,
रहस्य साक्षात् !!

तेजो प्रभामय उसका ललाट देख
मेरे अंग-अंग में अजीब एक थरथर
गौरवर्ण, दीप्त-दृग, सौम्य-मुख
सम्भावित स्नेह-सा प्रिय-रूप देखकर
विलक्षण शंका,
भव्य आजानुभुज देखते ही साक्षात्
गहन एक संदेह।

वह रहस्यमय व्यक्ति
अब तक न पायी गयी मेरी अभिव्यक्ति है
पूर्ण अवस्था वह
निज-सम्भावनाओं, निहित प्रभावों, प्रतिमाओं की,
मेरे परिपूर्ण का आविर्भाव,
हृदय में रिस रहे ज्ञान का तनाव वह,
आत्मा की प्रतिमा।
प्रश्न थे गम्भीर, शायद ख़तरनाक भी,
इसी लिए बाहर के गुंजान
जंगलों से आती हुई हवा ने
फूँक मार एकाएक मशाल ही बुझा दी-
कि मुझको यों अँधेरे में पकड़कर
मौत की सज़ा दी !

किसी काले डैश की घनी काली पट्टी ही
आँखों में बँध गयी,
किसी खड़ी पाई की सूली पर मैं टाँग दिया गया,
किसी शून्य बिन्दु के अँधियारे खड्डे में
गिरा दिया गया मैं
अचेतन स्थिति में !….


Film bySeema Dahiya

Re-collecting memories-2013


In Goa Cap Residency i developed several paper printing carve and tone .  where i experiment with print , but i found one ob best print on INDIN Post card , from there this project develop with Alternative Photography where process become concept and i enjoying the tension between .

In an age of connectivity, where a simple “enter” allows us to acknowledge or deny love online, we are losing our connection to powerful memories from the past. The era wherein writing and reading letters was an act of affection, carried out with unwavering devotion seems to be behind us. Following a similar trajectory perhaps, in an era of digitalizations, the dark room is now forever shrouded in black.

In this technique ,I try to exploring this lost medium and memory of belonging place or which place I visit to explore some things .therefore, I have chosen to work with the Alternative process with which I have been trying to develop a new relationship for the past and present .


How many times it happened there ,Before we called it a Performance

Before the Performance , There is hidden conversation between Body and mind ,

often there was a Wetness before us ,

Thereafter ,we are witnessing the space

every now and then ,
time and death ,

perhaps it was the History




and we call time ,

thought ,
the story was stolen, hidden in side the Sand Graves

what we carry on ,

Probably ,

often we called The performance

How may times the convection happened

before witnessing
The Body ,Space and Time


Lost & Found Pinhole project


Lost and found , a project explores displaced objects in time and space as a metaphor for existence and uses the realization that this displacement of the object is very similar to the process of migration to different places and cities. Hence It explores the symbolic acts representative of the time and ancient practices. His concept is based on this allegory of Objects and Spaces. The conceptual inspiration of his work is from the great ancient Indian texts -Garud-purana and the Yoga Vashishta. Through this project, he studies the present time axis and its relation with daily life objects, exploring different ritual acts within different cultural references. It is also an exploration of the medium and the process, which along with the thought leads to a holistic conceptualization of my own visual practice


In the 21st century, where we  talk about the 3D   technique . pinhole of  processing  image  making is  very uncertain, and accidental blurring effect holding. And uncertainty as to the right way of life is blurred, the becoming of life is connected with the process of further deterioration. In contrast to life and I see her accidental , surprised and uncertainty of life Through this method and try to add to my subject, which is a continuous process.

Techniciques – pinhole hand made camera , plastic lens pinhole , using fomapen and kodak and fujifilm , with home made developer
printing process
Gum Biochromemt ,cynotype ,salt and digital print on A4 size (


03-b ajaysharma_lost & Found-2016-mail

Project – Lost & Found (2013-15)
Medium – Hand Made Pinhoile camera 35mm kodak pro 200 , Print on digital Archival print
Size – 18cmX 50.4 cm diptych (18cm x 25.2 cm )
Aouthore of the project – B ajay sharma

04-b ajaysharma_lost & Found-main-2016-2mail

Title-Unknown -2
Project – Lost & Found (2013-16)
Medium – Hand Made Pinhoile camera 35mm kodak pro 200 , Print on canson300 gsm with gum bichromate process and digital Archival print
Size – 18cmX 50.4 cm diptych (18cm x 25.2 cm )
Aouthore of the project – B ajay sharma


05-b ajaysharma_lost & Found-main-2016-6

Title-Unknown -4
Project – Lost & Found (2013-16)
Medium – Hand Made Pinhoile camera 35mm kodak pro 200 , Print on canson300 gsm with cyanotype , gum bichromate process and digital Archival print on paper
Size – 18cmX 50.4 cm diptych (18cm x 25.2 cm )
Aouthore of the project – B ajay sharma


08-2016_sharma_lost & Found

Title-The creed -2
Project – Lost & Found (2013-16)
Medium – Hand Made Pinhoile camera 35mm kodak pro 200 , Print on canson300 gsm with cyanotype , gum bichromate process and digital Archival print on paper
Size – 18cmX 50.4 cm diptych (18cm x 25.2 cm )
Aouthore of the project – B ajay sharma

b ajaysharma_lost & Found-main-2016
Title-Unknown object -1
Project – Lost & Found (2013-16)
Medium – Hand Made Pinhoile camera 35mm kodak pro 200 , Print on canson300 gsm with cyanotype , gum bichromate process and digital Archival print on paper
Size – 18cmX 50.4 cm diptych (18cm x 25.2 cm )
Aouthore of the project – B ajay sharma