Useless by Pillar on her poetry
Single channel video loop on 14″ colour TV
Duration :2 minute 45second





I love vain  things,

kin to us in their futility,

and the love that we savour

for an instant and nevermore.

In heaven the just, infinite light endures,

as do the song and breath of God,

but our false selves are fortunate enough

to exist not and believe we do. The eternal smiles

of He who creates do not bid farewell,

however we are a sudden useless goodbye,

a farewell which emerges and then disappears,

for it has neither form, body nor colour.

And that is why I love things that are useless,

as we ourselves are, so as to grasp the light,

for we know nothing, and neither do we care

whether the sky is transparent, luminous or blue.

For we are of no beauty,

for there is no luminosity within us,

for we are so childish that in our hands we carry,

as if it were a fake toy, all eternity.

Oh the unexplainable charm of useless things,

like dreams hidden in dark nights.

Useless is the rose, useless is my song,

as vain is the stray tree in a plain.

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