Re-collecting memories-2013


In Goa Cap Residency i developed several paper printing carve and tone .  where i experiment with print , but i found one ob best print on INDIN Post card , from there this project develop with Alternative Photography where process become concept and i enjoying the tension between .

In an age of connectivity, where a simple “enter” allows us to acknowledge or deny love online, we are losing our connection to powerful memories from the past. The era wherein writing and reading letters was an act of affection, carried out with unwavering devotion seems to be behind us. Following a similar trajectory perhaps, in an era of digitalizations, the dark room is now forever shrouded in black.

In this technique ,I try to exploring this lost medium and memory of belonging place or which place I visit to explore some things .therefore, I have chosen to work with the Alternative process with which I have been trying to develop a new relationship for the past and present .


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