Extended Action _1

Extended action performance


The performance series based on my yoga practice. Which I am doing since long , the complete take of performance as to extend my action in people . Even if I am not making action in certain time . Then my transfer action would perform by the others if he/she practice the same action in there daily life .
Throughout the performance event in Seville and Malaga in collaboration with La casa de grund and Salón de Arte Crisol Seville with Gallery Neilson. I teach different Yoga ashan and Pranayam (swar yoga) ask them to practice the same if she/he able to continue .
As well as I taken them to place for to experience,observe feeling and thought meditative process .
#performance #performanceart #performanceartist #andaluzia #españa #performanceproject , #contemporaryperformance , #action #performanceaction



Performance and Photography project With Salón de Arte Crisol and Neilson gallery Grazelema Spain 2014



Photography – B. Ajay Sharma , Performance concept

Photo Assistant-Kity Rodriguez, David López Panea, Jack Neilson

collaborators – Paka Antunez, Prado Soy,Toñi Molano,Mari Bee , Muru ,




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