Extended Action _1

Extended action performance


The performance series based on my yoga practice. Which I am doing since long , the complete take of performance as to Witness the Body . witnessing the Time and tranformation. How things are taking place in Spacetime.
Throughout the performance event in Seville and Malaga in collaboration with La casa de grund and Salón de Arte Crisol Seville with Gallery Neilson.
As well as I taken them to place for to experience,observe feeling and thought meditative process .
#performance #performanceart #performanceartist #andaluzia #españa #performanceproject , #contemporaryperformance , #action #performanceaction



Performance and Photography project With Salón de Arte Crisol and Neilson gallery Grazelema Spain 2014



Photography – B. Ajay Sharma , Performance concept

Photo Assistant-Kity Rodriguez, David López Panea, Jack Neilson

collaborators – Paka Antunez, Prado Soy,Toñi Molano,Mari Bee , Muru ,



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