Anshan (भूख हड़ताल)

Hunger strike

Googel Explantion –
a prolonged refusal to eat, carried out as a protest, typically by a prisoner.


ANSHAN  is Current respond on the Hunger strike  in  JNU, Where I was part of different protest  . Some time I  participated  directly as well as  indirectly to Support the Student of JNU and there voice .Even consciously   re- created the voice in different time, space and society.

In this Act I did two day fasting   , Then eaten the text book and  ripped  pages, after that I vomited of all eaten text, the all action is in yogic practice KUNJAL KRIYA is purifying the body with toxicity. As well doing fating and siting in one space we have long tradition of ANSAN (Hunger-strike)  it is non violence protest in our country.

Flesh Crisis 2016

Charlotte Street Foundation

La Esquna Gallery

Curated by

Jessica Borusky

Photo by Emma Penrose ,Dominic Burkart




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