Mapping the tranquility of night

Displacement of bodies in context with migration in Metropolitan Architectural Space.




Process of observing Architectural spaces in Korea, Kolkata as well as such similarly growing Urban Architectural spaces elsewhere mainly those multi-storey or illegally constructed buildings. To understand the shifting of expression in growing urban space.

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With passing time, Metropolitans are extending their periphery. There is rising of hushed and deaf buildings expanding their dark tranquility; on the other hand greenlands, ponds, towns, villages are continuously disappearing. There is huge shift of bodies in such changing architectural space. There is an ever increasing immigration from villages to urban areas.


Migrated bodies (family) are constructing architectural spaces for other possible bodies(permanent urban dwellers). This shift from one kind of pleasant silence to another disquieting one in this process of urbanization has caused a mass destruction of nature, human labour, economy and its sustainable function.

In this expedition, we looked for different spaces and ignored the normal time frame of performance space. We also looked for new spaces having the similar notion of this transformation of silence from one form to other.  


responding and Reading of  Structure.   

So, we drew the line of those labour bodies and changing balance with expanding concrete architecture. This raises the question of disbalance of balance and following uncertainty.

Here, we tried to keep the intuitive exploration of material within space, related balance as well as tension in contracted construction of these buildings in expanding periphery of metro cities. This includes response and reading of this structure.






In the very first day of KIPAF, we got to introduced to a big abandoned multi-floor building in the New town area of Kolkata. We realized that all around this area such buildings are expanding like mushroom. We also saw that there is a huge immigration of labour forces who are building such spaces. Green color was only over the building walls (lack of vegetation).


Every night we used to examine and look around such areas, buildings as well as workers who were residing there till the completion of construction. After the completion, they used to leave the area permanently.









These immigrants were mainly from Bihar and Bangladesh. What we observed was the silence of such spaces at night, the living together of labourers and their families, their abandoning of the space after completion and leaving it for settled urban population. After getting the idea of such spaces in New Town for performance while exploring the free and public spaces in city,we tried to escape from general time frame while feeling the uncomfort and uncertainty pertaining to such spaces (big empty buildings). We explored several spaces and finally found a half constructed building balanced over bamboo structure. This structure was very fragile and it was uncomfortable to move within such structure. We examined this space and try to map the balance within this space as two gender body. That space will soon be a home for people who are going to come to dwell in New Town. There will be no trace of labour bodies who keep moving from one space to another, they are the silent makers.






그 귀신들은 어디로 갔나?



새하얀 귀신이 한 공간에서


또 다른 귀신이 한 공간에서


도형을 만드네

작은 도형

큰 도형

빙글빙글 만드네

도형은 점점 작아져

두 귀신이 만나네

어디를 봐야 할까

어떻게 생각 할까



도형은 더욱더 작아져

갈 곳이 없네

또다시 빙글빙글


Where did the ghosts go?

Round and round

Round and round

A white ghost in one space


Round and round

Another ghost in one space


Round and round

make trace

Small trace

Large trace

Round and round


The trace gets smaller and smaller

Two ghosts meet

Where should I look

What do you think

Jazal Jazal

Zozal Zozal

The trace is much smaller

There is no place to go

Round and round again

Poem by Jihyoung park


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KIPAF Escape 2018

Performance -B. Ajay Sharma & Jihyoung park

Duration -00:45:00

Photography by Reyad Mohammad & B Ajay sharma

Sounds by B Ajay Sharma

Poem -Jihyoung Park

New Town,Kolkata




visual artist

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