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Lost and found for me is a search for existence. Existentialism, which emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. Something absent here is present there, somewhere and I try to make rational suppositions despite existing in an irrational universe. Sections in newspapers or websites which talk about missing people and things always anchors my ship of thought. The irony of it being talked about, being mentioned in that column is itself a presence for it. And that reference invokes discussions and thoughts about the same. You find yourself questioning about its being. I believe that life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.

Witness series.(2014-2015)

When I think about my existence in space, I have the feeling that we are just witnessing our body in time. For me nothing dies or is born, it just appears for a while. It is a transformation of energy. And we are a witness.

b ajaysharma_witness-2014

Death is the absence of life. Through this performance I try to come to terms with the enigma of life and time, the presence and absence of the body, a form disappears, both images represent this duality.

At a time when we are exploring the idea of an expanding universe, the big bang theory, the black hole mystery that represents absence. This mystery in my imagination represents death. In the performance both figures are connected in that they are an imprint of death,, the white cloth covering the body represents death in Hinduism and the outline of a body filled with seed that slow disappears, absence. Both exist and at the same time do not exist. The act of the pigeons eating the seeds is a metaphor

Performance in Maria Luisa Park October 2014 Witness series


Witness by the Messenger” project for peace 2014-15

Ajay_SHARMA _4

 Witness by the Messenger-2




“The Death Process  Witness Series “Performation In La Casa de Grund, Malaga , Spain 2014


Title –Witness by the Messenger-2 Size: 24” x 36” Medium: Fine Art Baryta Hahnemühle paper Executuion:2015


I Love Goya

I Love Goya” is performative representation of Goya’s “The Shootings of May Third 1808” . i visualize the situation of the 3rd May .I try to express the innocent voice and mass killing through this performance.It is also extension of my Thanatophobia series .




Thanatophobia Series( 2013-14)


Thanatophobia – Fear of Death (Lisa Fritscher)

Thanatophobia, or fear of death, is a relatively complicated phobia. Many, if not most, people are afraid of dying. Some people fear being dead, while others are afraid of the actual act of dying. However, if the fear is so prevalent as to affect ones daily life, then one is said to have the phobia.

This photography performance is based on my childhood memories of images and conflict, which I received during infancy. I have tried to represent them visually.

Since childhood, life, the after life and the mystery of the soul has hunted me and given me an impulsive creative curiosity. Throughout this performance my body is central and an important medium. I relate my body as evidence and oblique way to relating to after life. Subconscious memories influence my spontaneous act of expression. This act is also a process of catharsis for me.

phenomena of sepration

The fear of bereavement influences me in several ways in daily life even today, affecting my thought process.

I consciously render all visual images and form in my act, and allow the freedom of performance and work process. This work is not an end result only of the performance, as I use alterative photography techniques to achieve the final result. When I am working off the lens, I like add to or subtract from it like in a painting. That is why I use Cyanotype alternative process.

This process is an integral part of my work. The whole process is done manually resulting in uncertainty in the tone and image. The weather conditions – temperature and humidity also play a part in the results achieved. I like to play with this uncertainty.





Sanskar Performance 2013

Varanasi Assi Ghat

sanshkar-22F copy





DSC_0783_3379_edited_2 DSC_0783_3379_edited DSC_0782_3378 DSC_0609_3376 DSC_0780_3377 DSC_0072_3374 DSC_0076_3375 DSC_0065_3373 DSC_0063_3372 DSC_0051_3370




DSC_0903 copy DSC_0618 copy DSC_0587 copy DSC_0631 copy




== 56 copy DSC_0511 5

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