Unknown (Missing series)aa


Lost and Found
Lost and found for me is a search for existence. Existentialism, which emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice. Something absent here is present there; somewhere and I try to make rational suppositions despite existing in an irrational universe. Sections in newspapers or websites which talk about missing people and things always anchors my ship of thought. The irony of it being talked about, being mentioned in that column is itself a presence for it. And that reference invokes discussions and thoughts about the same. You find yourself questioning about its being. I believe that life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.

Our existence is to me an unsolved Mystery. We continue to search ourselves at the same time we are searching new galaxies for signs of life ,space and time continue to be the dimensions that guide our spiritual and scientific pursuits, In the Spiritual realm, our celestial body transforms constantly and seems like a dream,
Face in the newspaper, missing children, women, men are all anonymous to me , I look in the mirror and realize my face is also unknown; we are a mystery. Searching their erased features makes me question myself, question the “I”
My search has begun in the missing person column of the national newspapers and took me to the unending online files of missing individuals. I try to reactivate their memory by taking them into my artistic research and into the exhibition space , calling out there names, re prints their images as objects of memory, distorted ,blurred , unrecognizable and again unknown .

unknown-1 (2)unknown-1 UNKNOWN-9 mail-unknown-1 unknown-1

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