Thanatophobia solo show ( 2013-14)

    Thanatophobia Series( 2013-14)


Thanatophobia – Fear of Death (Lisa Fritscher)

Thanatophobia, or fear of death, is a relatively complicated phobia. Many, if not most, people are afraid of dying. Some people fear being dead, while others are afraid of the actual act of dying. However, if the fear is so prevalent as to affect ones daily life, then one is said to have the phobia.

This photography performance is based on my childhood memories of images and conflict, which I received during infancy. I have tried to represent them visually.

Since childhood, life, the after life and the mystery of the soul has hunted me and given me an impulsive creative curiosity. Throughout this performance my body is central and an important medium. I relate my body as evidence and oblique way to relating to after life. Subconscious memories influence my spontaneous act of expression. This act is also a process of catharsis for me.

phenomena of sepration

The fear of bereavement influences me in several ways in daily life even today, affecting my thought process.

I consciously render all visual images and form in my act, and allow the freedom of performance and work process. This work is not an end result only of the performance, as I use alterative photography techniques to achieve the final result. When I am working off the lens, I like add to or subtract from it like in a painting. That is why I use Cyanotype alternative process.

This process is an integral part of my work. The whole process is done manually resulting in uncertainty in the tone and image. The weather conditions – temperature and humidity also play a part in the results achieved. I like to play with this uncertainty.


You are witness of your thought
This act is a process of self realization. When we are sitting quietly alone, we may be lost in our thoughts and gradually become aware of the sound coming from outside. I relate to the physical world with my own thoughts and perceptions. I try and connect as a witness of these experiences direct or indirectly. There are many layers of memory, which come consciously or unconsciously, once we accept them.

I Love Goya

I Love Goya” is performative representation of Goya’s “The Shootings of May Third 1808” . i visualize the situation of the 3rd May .I try to express the innocent voice and mass killing through this performance.It is also extension of my Thanatophobia series .


In the physical world no lines exist. It is an illusion of light and dark.  The borders are manmade.  We identify ourselves by lines on a map or  boundaries of a house or state.  I feel these lines exist only in our mind.  The Mundan is an important ritual in a death ceremony and is used to purify our selves and to attain Mokhsa for our departed.


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