H.Y.P.O project


Medium-plastic try, glass, sodium thiosulfate  , wood waul ,brush , light bulb, electronic timer , Show Al Revelar curated by Julia Vellasenor in Vaderah gallery

Hypo is used in several alternative photography processes as a term to define the fixing the images on the surface the fixer stabilize the image, removing the unexposed silver halide remaining on the photographic film or photographic paper , leaving behind the reduced metallic silver that from the images by fixation , the film or paper is insensitive to further action by light



My practice has been based on endless searching, searching for face and bringing back memories and placing them in to my work. some of photographic process i uses take this idea a bit futher when there is a loss of control of the result and i finds a lot of failed prints , that trun out .What traits will be there and which will be missing is hard to calculated through the silver salt print method , as hypo tries to fix an images to a surface and complete the darkroom process, HYPO is also trying to fix those who are missing . make them come back on a photosensitive surface and back to our Memories  DSC_0723 hypo-2






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