Lost & Found (2013-2016…..)


lost-foundInstallation of Collected objects


Concept Note:la termica 2016-2

Exploring displaced object in time and space as a metaphor for existence the realization that this displacement of the object is very similar to the process of migration to different places and cities. Hence, this triggered my exploration of the symbolic acts representative of the time and ancient practices. Through my artistic and visual research, I am trying to reconstruct and transform this analogy to a work of art.


b ajaysharma_lost & Found-main00-6

My concept is based on this allegory of Objects and Spaces. The conceptual inspiration of my work is from the great ancient Indian texts -Garud-purana and the Yoga Vashishta. Through this project, I will study the present time axis and its relation with daily life objects, exploring differentritual acts within different cultural references. This is also an exploration of the medium and the process, which along with the thought will possibly lead to a holistic conceptualization of my own visual practice. 0_b_ajay sharma_Unknown_2_lost & Found_proposal for _display_la termica

b ajaysharma_lost & Found-main00

Medium- Pinhole Camera:- In 21st century where we are talking about 3D techniques of printing; the pinhole process of image making give us uncertain, blur and accidental effects. Just like our life full of uncertainty and obstacles. I’m surprised with life; after seeing endless process of odd and favourable conditions




Acknowledgement /reference

Special Thank to @Seema _dahiya(www.seemadahiya.blogspot.com)  and Jack Neilson for  Development ,discussion   and suggestions for the Concept note

f-1-websit.jpgInstallation of Collected objects

Niv Art Gallery (space provided for installation work)

Textual reference :-








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