The Tragedy of A Relationship

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ABVP Riots in Delhi University with Police Protection

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

For the second successive day, goons affiliated to the RSS-BJP backed right wing student mafia gang called ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) pelted stones and violently attacked peaceful assemblies of students and teachers in Delhi University. Journalists who were present were also beaten up. Phones and cameras and filming equipment were destroyed. An attempt was made to strangle a professor with his own scarf. He, and some other students who were injured had to be hospitalized. Luckily, they are shaken, but out of immediate danger. The incidents have been characterized as ‘clashes’ between right wing and left wing student groups by some sections of the media. Nothing can be further from the truth. These were not ‘clashes’. They were straight-forward one sided attacks by a mob intent on violence. A riot is not a clash.

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Every presentation of a work of video art can be understood as a kind of live performance, an immaterial, temporal experience, characterized by uncertainty and instability. In the same way that no …

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The Whole Land Shall be a desolation By #futurecollaborations

Idea and  development process of Collaborative Performance  and Video Installation For “The Whole Land  Shall be a desolation by #futurecollaborations

On going project by  #futurecollaborationsfotor_147523602713690

Initiator of #futurecollaboations  Premjish Acharya

Idea of collective Performance -The Body ,state and politics and the conflict of race, caste  and National identity .

Hence, we choose the Abandon Building which is raze  by Delhi MCD and police. That is an conflict zone . Therefore people had tension of safety In Between body  and  Demolished building ,

When i show  that space.It  had notion of different Conflict state of mind . state,country and race issue . what we are going through in india (kashmir ,North-east state and others ) Israel ,Syria ,Iraqe ,Lybia, Even with-in   America .The issue about racial identity of people and killing of black people in U.S .


This  going project by  #futurecollaborations

Concept and idea -B.Ajay Sharma ,

Space and location- B. Ajay Sharma

Idea Develop and constructed by C

Title-The Whole Land Shall be a desolation by Premjish Acharya

Film camera  and by Seema Dahiya

Photography -B. Ajay Sharma

photography Assisted – Kartik,#futurecollaborations

Each Member are design there won performance and move

Aditi Angiras

B. Ajay Sharma

Balagopalan Bala

M R Vishnu Prasad

Murari Jha

Nikita Maheshwary

Premjish Achari

Raj Sahani


Future collaboration is a Idea of Inquiry,

First phase  of idea and discotion between members , Mr. Vishnuprasad , Premjish Acharya Each discussion was  an  Exercise , sometime we just fight and nothing come out from that. But definitely it helped to construct the idea ,    so I called each meeting was representation of performative act for me , as well as building strength and commitment for collective



 Exercise#2 “


Exercise# 3 



Exercise# 4



After searching for new space for performance In front of KHOJ Artist residency building




img-20160902-wa0002Raj Sahani-Scribbling on his Idea and execution





Murari Jha :- Scribbling on his Idea and execution







reference link -





Before the Performance , There is hidden conversation between Body and mind ,

often there was a Wetness before us ,

Thereafter ,we are witnessing the space

every now and then ,
time and death ,

perhaps it was the History



and we call time ,

thought ,
the story was stolen, hidden in side the Sand Graves

what we carry on ,

Probably ,

often we called The performance

How may times the convection happened

before witnessing
The Body ,Space and Time








Song of Ramponnkar


link of Sound –Song of Ramponnkar 

In Goa-Cap residency 2013,I work on Fisherman  community in Candolim  Goa. I took lots of interview of different person to reflect the situation and condition.Although the work is more photography installation and sound base .So for me very difficult to choose one sound . Hence, I am involved with them and participating with their Festival and Marriage ceremony ,

2bajaysharma_ramponnkar2013net-installation-2I observe  lot of difficult situation , how they enjoying life and movement in life , the song is related to fisher man how he imaging he wife as well song of fishing when they catches Fish.There is life,beauty and music in side, the simple sound expression



Notion of images”छवियों की अवधारणाएं “

Notion  of images”छवियों की अवधारणाएं  ”



Oh! My mine, teach me how to fly

parallel entity of thoughts, idea , words, sound , images, space ,… as an visual artist my vocabulary is creating visual notion ,what, I feel, I try to translate into the visual expression.
This piece of installation is about space and circumstance .How we respond the sound into image, even both are complement element to understand the notion of expression. so there is two sound analogous where viewer can images there won images. According to there mood ,  state of mind  they will respond and create won images .That is  not static ,even each time we have more images and express into one single sound ……






This Installation is Part of show curated by Jasone Miranda  at Niv Art Gallery