Photography by Ravi Ranjan

About Me

B_ajaysharma2018Ajay Sharma is a contemporary visual artist, who formally studied painting. However, his works cover a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, and conventional and revived techniques of photography, durational and site-specific installations as well as new technologies. He takes drawing as a vehicular aspect of his thoughts. Elaborating on the notion of Bhava, performance and alternative photography enable him to engage with external space as opposed to his internal visual thoughts. He has been investigating idea of death in form of transformation, and displacement of human existence, reference of Indian and Bushiest philosophy. Also, exploring Space as conceptual modality and materialism in Time, how space change the idea of time and substance. His works on “Swaryog”(Pranayama Philosophy) the concept of breathe as a unit of his unitary existential visual currency. Born in 1986,In Deoghar Jharkhand, B. Ajay Sharma studied art at the Faculty of Visual Art, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (BFA in painting in 2007) and later earned his MFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2009. His Resent Solo Show With Performance and installation Horizontal line  in Horangasinamu Artpolygon Gwangju ,Korea Gallery Felix “Residue of Performative Acts” Gallery Felix ferchon,Brussels ,Belgium 2017,Itinerant Performance art festival 2018 New York curated by Hector Cangnoge, ,In process #4 Horangasinamu Artpolygon Gwangju ,Korea ,4th Stay foolish Performance festival , jeounju korea ,MON residency in Jeonju si korea  2018 ,Sleep 20 day Durational performance in HHAS studio Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale 2018, Chandihgar ,india , Paradox solo exhibition with instituto cervantes New Delhi with gallery Neilson grazelema cazid Spain 2015, 2017-Invers Performanace Sol San Luis Obispo, California, USA, 2017-Open Source performance PAErsche lab ,Cologne ,Germany. 2017-Workeshop with Helge Meyer in PAErsche lab 2017 cologne , Germany. 2017- Extended Action performance Les Grands Voisins , 82, Denfert Rochereau , Paris , In presence the distillery gallery,Boston,U.S.A2017,durational performance P.M. 2.5 at the Object of desire by puccs gallery Budapest,Hungry,2017- Schema Art Museum Cheongju korea.

He has set up a space called ”स्याह-घर” (pronounced as Syah-Ghar in Sanskrit and Hindi) meaning Dark-Room. He opened up this space to develop community-based-practice of alternative photography studio in New Delhi (India).

He Also Initiated the idea of “In_Process” Open Source Performance in 2018.

He initiate the idea of “In_Process”  Open session Performance practice

Photo by Gin Gi lee , Title-In_Process #4  at Horanggasinamu Artpolygon Gwangju Korea .




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