Pm2.5 level of 1033.76 μg/m3.

Day -1


Day -2

day -3

Pm2.5_puccs_gallery -2017 -18a.jpg

day -4

 Pm2_5_puccs_gallery -2017 -09Mm.png

This was a collaboration with the audience where I taught them a breathing technique called Pranayam from monday to friday for one and half hours. There I looked at its wider perspective and extended the idea of performance. I tried to develop a different imagery representing the idea of pollution free earth, environmental politics and climate change. Another aspect of it was also related to the study of time about how political situation is taking the neo fascist turn in India and elsewhere. I revisited this scenario when I closely looked at Hungarian Politics while I was there, there I realized that this is a collective crisis that most countries are facing. Therefore I used the metaphor ‘How We Will Breath 
Under the Dark Cloud’. So for this, I took yoga and pranayam as a subject of inquiry and then tried to develop a method to share with the public. There was certain extended action and satire involved in this.
This performance was divided in several action where I used conditional and the space of everyday life of every day life and  witnessed that how it turned out as reference of time in this collective action. Through this I tried to understand the medium keeping my own culture and geographical influences in my mind.
Day -5
Pm2.5_puccs_gallery -2017 -0013
Inspired by a Swar Yoga Practice Books ‘Shivswaryodhay’, ‘Gheranda Samhita’ and ‘Swar Yoga’ by Muktibodhanand, where I read different aspects of breathing practice and its impact on body, mind and soul and also how our emotions are linked with our breathing.
May be a common man is not well aware about performance art but when he/she participates, whole set of new acts and movements get unfolded. My reference is regarding the present time where pollution is increasing day by day and there is a great desire in people and children to breath fresh air, also with respect to current political situation when people are anyhow trying to survive. In such case, freedom of expression has gone beyond the skin and geography. Pollution is the biggest economical, social and political challenge today. I have mainly highlighted the scenario in Delhi around last October and November 2016, when pollution level was as high as Pm2,5 level of 1033.76 μg/m3.
Pm2.5_puccs_gallery -2017 -16
Nature of performance – Collaboration  and Open source
Curator – kathleen meyts coba
Photography by Kovács István , Agnes Eva Molnar , B Ajay Sharma kathleen meyts coba
Duration – 5 day , From 29 th may to 2 nd June 2017
Place -Puccs Gallery Budapest ,Hungry  

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