Notion of images”छवियों की अवधारणाएं “

Notion  of images”छवियों की अवधारणाएं  ”



Oh! My mine, teach me how to fly

parallel entity of thoughts, idea , words, sound , images, space ,… as an visual artist my vocabulary is creating visual notion ,what, I feel, I try to translate into the visual expression.
This piece of installation is about space and circumstance .How we respond the sound into image, even both are complement element to understand the notion of expression. so there is two sound analogous where viewer can images there won images. According to there mood ,  state of mind  they will respond and create won images .That is  not static ,even each time we have more images and express into one single sound ……






This Installation is Part of show curated by Jasone Miranda  at Niv Art Gallery



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