Song Of Clipping

Shahpur jatt, a village with narrow lanes, unplanned constructions, and the typical lifestyle of the Jatt community, also a village with a number of country’s best boutiques and designer houses, a village of a large number of migrated laborers specially the craftsperson, a village of fashion and fame, hunger and hard work, designers houses and life in slums, the village shows many layers of human life and its contradictions

This series is basically a reading/rereading of the continuous changes, differences, contradictions and parallel lives of the place; Where human faces looks like machines, and machines are getting more value and honor than human. That conflict is metaphore of paradoxical question of human exsistance and life . That conflict is metaphor of paradoxical question of human existence and life


song og clipping2
Installation – Song of clipping

Link of Audio and Video of Installation –
Medium- clipping ,Mannequin stand , 14”colour tv, wooden frame ,bulb ,clips, Van dyke brown Unique prints and digital ,Hanger
We have some Stardust Group show by NIV Art Gallery
Special thanks
NIV Art Center and Gallery
Aruna Matthew
Rahul Bhattacharjya
Ritesh Ranjan
Khurshid ahmed ,Irshad and Rizalul








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