The Series of Blog Going To Be On My Old Work Which I Can’t Updated On That Time, So, Whole Idea Of Works Is Developed During   2009 To 10, When I Was Working At NIV Art Studio And Residency.  My  Searched  Was  Something  Which I Enjoy To Paint And Play With My Idea And  Experience  .Image

self Portrait  ,Medium- oil on canvas size -60″ x 48″

The Idea Of  “CHARLES DARWIN’S SEED  AT MY  FARM” That Time I Was Reading The Book Of Darwin “Origin Of Species” And I Just Realize A  Cell Can Creat The  Whole Structure of Body .Although  My Nostalgia Of My “Maa” (Mothere )And Village .   I Am Continue With That Idea And Thought Process. therefore  All Writing is from2009 to 2010


Title:- thousand   dreams thousand peoples,  medium- acrylic on canvas size- 48 x 48 inch ,execution-2008

Untitled-1 copy


Title:- thousand   dreams thousand peoples,  medium- acrylic on canvas size- 48 x 48 inch ,execution-2008



Title:- UNTITLE- medium- acrylic on canvas size- 48 x 48 inch Execution -2009



Acknowledgment: Nisha aggwal for HRD reports and translation

I  have been a keen observant of life and death and the whole milieu consisting metaphysical curiosity and cosmic cycle of life, led me to depiction of human forms in order to relate the supernatural world; through the time of my learning as a student what basic thing I formed as a idea, is the philosophy of forming and deforming attending Transformations; which is somewhere base of my current works also. In my current works I have connected these following things to shifting and changing notions of urbanized world, through the form of a simple fruit like Papaya. The transformation of a pure form is something which I enjoy playing with; a natural simple form develops gradually, relocates itself as a fascinating form. The entire stuff makes its presence in my art works as a fruit form along with glimpse of other aspects of life also. Firstly, the aspect of sexuality; which also comes in my earlier works; but in a metropolitan arena now the spiritual milieu of Varanasi ghats and Deogarh satsang ashram replaced by the glamorous world of metropolitan city. The glamorous outside of a female body attracts me somewhere in provocative way as earlier I never felt the sexual orientation in my own body of thinking; now I visualize the Papaya as a vaginal form also and the small seeds identifying the mystery of origin i.e. birth and death and their transforming state. And secondly, the process of how a frequent and cushy object is made modernized for consuming purposes in the urban space, interests me a lot; as I have experienced the 3 shifting and changing notions of commercialization. In any commercial access common objects are intentionally made attractive, well packaged and reproduced for consuming purposes. Similarly I observed the marketing and consuming process of the fruit papaya. Through it’s not a favorable fruit, but packaging makes branded. The journey of a fruit from village’s tree, then to a manufacturing place and finally to an urban market, with a branded sticker on it signifies the branded quality.




exciting space



040 copy

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