Public Art performance “Astha” आस्था


Public performance


public performance ASTHA by Ajay sharma and Mukesh Tiwari on Assi Ghat.Astha is a word which means Believe on something respected, spiritual or ritual act in India. Here we are using word as “Title” of the interactive performance for draw the attention on what is believe on something which is related to culture and environment , I am using the word GANGA .

Ganga is a river of faith evidence of our cultural and spiritual and ritual believe, it is symbol of life and death. Where millions of people rear up his own life. In this act we just draw the line of faith how we are losing the river or believe. We using river in our daily life direct or indirect way polluting it in several way.This act is symbolization of the act in daily life believe. Here   we relate the words Ganag as faith how it is faded out .


Conceptualization by Ajay kumar Sharma,

Performance idea by Mukesh tiwari







Photo credit by Rajesh kumar singh,Radhaswami,

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