Pm2.5 level of 1033.76 μg/m3.

Day -1   Day -2 day -3 day -4 This was a collaboration with the audience where I taught them a breathing technique called Pranayam from monday to friday for one and half hours. There I looked at its wider perspective and extended the idea of performance. I tried to develop a different imagery representing... Continue Reading →


The Blindfolded Man

  Title-The Blindfolded Man This was not a Concept note or any framed idea.    Here in this project, I have tried to create and decode few of my actions and references. It was the collaborative performace with seven men who were singing outside the temple in Bodhgaya. There names were Indradev, Guddu,... Continue Reading →

The Idea of Time and Death

Residue of the performative act is with reference to time and historical notes to decode the time and related futuristic crisis of human civilization. Here, we have used the methods to understand the correlation of action and object (keeping in mind the various acts in history and war). according to my understanding, all objects have their... Continue Reading →

How many times it happened there ,Before we called it Performance(weight of stone)

weight of stone My practice of performance is direct or some time I will be correspondence of my act, Death and memory and witnessing of all in space history and fiction narration of such space. Allow me to work and deal with different method, through the image making wit body or photography, I believe i... Continue Reading →

The Whole Land Shall be a desolation By #futurecollaborations

Idea and  development process of Collaborative Performance  and Video Installation For "The Whole Land  Shall be a desolation by #futurecollaborations On going project by  #futurecollaborations Initiator of #futurecollaboations  Premjish Acharya Idea of collective Performance -The Body ,state and politics and the conflict of race, caste  and National identity . Hence, we choose the Abandon Building which is raze  by... Continue Reading →


  Before the Performance , There is hidden conversation between Body and mind , often there was a Wetness before us , Thereafter ,we are witnessing the space every now and then , time and death , perhaps it was the History     and we call time , thought , the story was stolen,... Continue Reading →

Song of Ramponnkar

link of Sound -Song of Ramponnkar  In Goa-Cap residency 2013,I work on Fisherman  community in Candolim  Goa. I took lots of interview of different person to reflect the situation and condition.Although the work is more photography installation and sound base .So for me very difficult to choose one sound . Hence, I am involved with them and... Continue Reading →

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